Will Anderson Asked If He'll Play In Alabama's Bowl Game

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Author - joshai

The bowl season is fast coming to an end, which means that top hopefuls must decide if they'd like to represent their respective schools. 

One of them is Alabama the most popular linebacker Will Anderson, who's projected to be among the top five picks at the next NFL Draft. 

It was reported that he received a call from ESPN to confirm if he wanted to participate in the Sugar Bowl against Kansas State and he made it appear that he was. 

"I'm still training in the gym with our team. I'm still in the middle of a conversation to discuss with Coach Saban. For a moment, I'm enjoying the present and loving the entire procedure," Anderson said.

If he isn't playing It's likely because he doesn't want to put himself at risk of an injury. Anderson enjoyed another productive year for his team, the Crimson Tide

He recorded 50 total tackles (24 in one game) 10 sacks, one intercept, as well as a pass that he defended. 

The game is just one week ahead (Dec. 31) A decision will need to be made sooner than later.