Welcome to ‘Swiftonomics’: What Taylor Swift Reveals About the US Economy

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Demand is exploding, supply is limited prices and monopoly allegations. A customer who is willing to pay for almost everything. 

Welcome to Swiftonomics. Taylor Swift's forthcoming US tour with 52 shows includes all the elements of a post-Covid demand surprise

A few resellers have reportedly demanded to pay $40,000 or more for tickets to the concert following last week's flurry of official sales 

that left millions of people without a ticket and willing to shell out any amount necessary to get tickets.

Swifties, as pop star's followers are referred to they aren't your typical American however they do capture the moment of the post-Covid economic climate 

As recession is looming the majority of consumers are prepared to pay for what they didn't have at the time of the disease -- be it live or on-the-go entertainment or travel.

Swift's fans form an extreme variant of the hyper-charged consumer: millions of mostly Gen Z and Millennials who waited for at least four years before seeing the pop star