Upper Marlboro Man Chasing Big Powerball Jackpot Lands $50,000 Prize

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

The Powerball jackpot was nearly $2 billion when a person from Upper Marlboro purchased a single ticket on November. 2 

The ticket didn't hit the jackpot however, on November. 23 he was able to claim $50,000 in jackpot. 

The jackpot was an all-time record $2.04 billion prior to being claimed in November. 7 drawings of tickets that were sold in California. 

It is reported that the Prince George's County resident said that he's planning to put the bulk of his earnings into savings, but is expecting the best holiday season of the year for his grandkids. 

"We're sure to enjoy a great Christmas, and oh!" he said, saying that he buys tickets at least once a week when he's having an idea or "feeling fortunate." 

He also said that the $50,000 Powerball win was by far the biggest winnings he's ever had 

The lucky ticket was purchased in Brentwood Liberty which is located at 3730 Rhode Island in Brentwood.