Twitter staff have been told to work 84-hour weeks and managers slept at the office over the weekend as they scramble to meet Elon Musk's tight deadlines, reports say

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Author - joshai

Twitter's managers have informed some employees that they work 12 hour shifts every day of the week, CNBC reported.

Certain managers have informed The New York Times they were sleeping in Twitter's offices on Saturday and Friday evenings.

Staff members are trying to prove their worth against the threat of cuts under the new ownership of Elon Musk 

Musk's $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform was completed through on Thursday night however concerns about cuts at the company have been in the air since long prior to the purchase

It's not clear what percentage of employees will be cut and at what time, as well in which departments are most affected. 

Since Friday, employees of the company have been given tasks that are seen as a test for Musk's team to determine who is the most dedicated. 

Insider previously stated it was reported that Musk's team has assigned Twitter's engineers to code projects to tackle over the course of the weekend 

which is known as sprints. The other tasks are making significant adjustments to Twitter's verification process.