Tom Brady engineers Bucs' comeback victory, stuns NFL world

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

For over 23 decades, Tom Brady created a sense of team that was afraid of him 

regardless of how far the team and he are in a particular game, Tom Brady will never stop to try to win.

He repeated the same thing on Monday night. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback led the team in a comeback win in the fourth quarte

beating the New Orleans Saints 17-16. Brady was able to throw both his touchdowns in the closing period. 

The NFL world was stunned again by Brady's enthralling magic. 

Brady completed 36-for-54, with 281 yards of passing and Two touchdown passes. He also had an interception after the close of the first quarter. 

It was reported that the Buccaneers star was dissatisfied by a kick that started the fourth quarter, and all the Saints really had to do was get another field goal and this would put even additional tension in Tampa Bay.