Tennessee would win a rematch with Georgia in 2022 College Football Playoff

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Author - joshai

Tennessee will beat Georgia If the two teams meet again at the College Football Playoffs, according to CBS analyst Rick Neuheisel. 

"I will be betting on Tennessee to win this match," Neuheisel said, noting that he is expecting to witness Tennessee's Vols playing in the 4-team CFP 

Neuheisel, who was a past head coach from Colorado, Washington, UCLA, and UCLA, told the Knoxville Quarterback 

Club function the Vols will be more effective without the crowd noise that slowed the team's match in Athens just two weeks ago. beat Kirby Smart's football team. 

Georgia would not have appeared as dominant after beating Tennessee 27-13 in a historic match between No. 1 teams in November. 5. 

The Bulldogs kept the Vols their fast-paced offense but did not score playing more than 17 yards, and they did not score an interception until there were just five minutes left with the match already in hand. 

Georgia was ahead by 24-6 at the time of intermission, and the ball was passed only four times during the second half