Sofiane Bennacer, French Actor of Cannes Competition Title ‘Forever Young,’ Indicted on Rape Charges, Removed From Cesar Awards Shortlist

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Bennacer was among the 32 emerging actors nominated for top newcomer of the year at the Cesar Awards, France's equivalent to the Oscars that will be scheduled for March. 

However, following the charges Bennacer was removed from the nominations process by Cesar Academy pulled Bennacer out of the nominations process. 

Cesar Academy Cesar Academy had previously said that it would temporarily remove its name off the list in the course of the judicial process but on Friday, they decided that he should not be on the list. 

There are four complaints made against Bennacer. Three former girlfriends accuse Bennacer of rape and a fourth of violent assault. In the wake of these allegations, 3 formal probes have been initiated. 

Bennacer took to the social networks to declare his innocence. "Does the notion of innocence still hold? Or could a false accusation cause a loss of living?" the actor wrote on his Instagram account 

"I am likely to be barred by in the field of film. However, I've been degraded to the core of my heart," he continued. 

Liberation newspaper ran a shocking investigation this week. In it, a variety of individuals working on the making of "Forever Young"