Soccer World Reacts To Video Of Heartbroken Cristiano Ronaldo

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

Following the conclusion of an extremely difficult 2022 World Cup for Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo 

37, the team captain appeared shocked as he left the field following Saturday's 1-1 defeat to Morocco.

In what will likely be his last World Cup, Ronaldo couldn't not hold back tears as he walked towards the changing room. 

The soccer world responded to his sentiments on Twitter. "He'll weep until that $200 million check reaches the bank account in the next year," one fan said.

"Not Criss, you're not Cris," another commented. 

"Hang this up in the Louvre," another tweeted. "Head up a legend Nobody can take away the spirit you've given millions, if you don't billions."

"GOODBYE." "How do I make a Twitter video to repeat?" another user inquired. "This hurts the man. Childhood disappearing."