Six people killed in shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Six people were killed when the gunman opened fire on a Walmart retailer in the southern part of Virginia late Tuesday night 

– It was the most recent mass shooting that struck the US at the time prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. The shooter killed himself according to police.

Witness, Jessie Wilczewski, told the local television station WAVY that the gunman who authorities could not immediately identify 

opened fire at a group of around 14 employees who were gathered in a conference room prior to the beginning of their shift at the store in the Chesapeake. Chesapeake. 

Wilczewski she was working just her fifth day of work in the store claimed the shooter was an employee who had a problem with other managers firing all the way from right to left, and at one point, laughing. 

"It was so fake that it didn't look at all real" Wilczewski said, in describing "the pow pow pow" of the gun when it fired. 

Briana Tyler, a different Walmart employee, said that Walmart ABC employees were gathered in the course of their daily routine prior to their shifts