Putting The "D" Back Into This Defense Again

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Do not poke at a North Texas Cowboy in the back. Don't cut off the 2022 version of the Cowboys defense, which a lot of fans have gathered around the past week.

Don't let DQ declare that"stinks" or "stinks." Don't allow Micah to feel "disgusted."

Thanks for Jim Croce, let's just be honest regarding the Cowboys defensive performance on Sunday afternoon 

It was an absolute turnaround from the team's failure in the loss to Green Bay in overtime 31-28 in overtime to Green Bay last Sunday. It's like this: 

You shouldn't pull on Superman's cap You shouldn't be spitting in the wind, Don't take the mask off of that Lone Ranger You shouldn't play with Jim. 

Otherwise . . . . What else can you say about this Cowboys defense resurgence seven days later? They stuffed all of the "SKOL" stuff right down these Viking

throats as they made their way to their first of the season's cakewalks and pounding the Vikings 40-3 more than anyone else who pound the Vikings drum prior to kickoff