Predicting The College Football Playoff Top 4 After USC's Lo

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Author - joshai

Ohio State got the help it required on the evening of Friday. USC is set to play Utah to play in this year's Pac-12 Championship Game. The Utes outscored the Trojans by more than 20 points in the final minutes.

There will be more games in the conference championship on Saturday, however, Ohio State is almost surely on the foursome for the playoffs at this point. 

Here's our latest prediction of what the top four are likely to look as of Sunday. 1. Georgia (13-0) 2. Michigan (13-0) 3. TCU (13-0) 4. Ohio State (11-1)

It would set Georgia with Ohio State in one semifinal and TCU playing Michigan in a different semifinal. 

It could also open the door to an opportunity for Ohio State and Michigan rematching in the College Football Playoff national championship game. 

The Wolverines defeated the Buckeyes in Columbus the weekend before. 

If TCU falls to Kansas State on Saturday, however, this could also open up the doors for Alabama to also sneak to the College Football Playoff field.