Postseason sets up well for No. 1 Georgia Bulldog

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Author - joshai

The No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs have had a lot of success this season. This season, the No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs have had a lot of success. They had more success Saturday night. 

After the Bulldogs' win over Georgia Tech, which was recorded at 37-14, Texas A&M smashed LSU's armor by defeating the No. 23 Texas A&M 38-23 

5 Tigers in College Station. Texas. Although it does not stop LSU from beating Georgia to the SEC championship in Atlanta next weekend 

it effectively eliminates any chance that the Tigers (9-3), might be able to take one of the four spots for the College Football Playoff's final rankings Dec. 4 

The Aggies (5-7), who had 21 unanswered points in the second half, were handed a third "L". 

Brian Kelly, LSU's first-year coach, said that "we didn't do what we were supposed to." 

"We weren’t very good. "I mean, we were off today and that's what I was disappointed in."