Popular 2022 PS4 Game Is Now Only $0.02

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

A well-known PS4 game that was launched this spring and cost $12.99 has  

now been reduced to $0.02 with a permanent price reduction. The price isn't as bad, but it's a bit more bizarre 

Although the game costs only two dollars on PS4 however, it's completely absolutely free available on Xbox One and PC via Steam. 

The game will be Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage that was released the 31st of May 

This morning, THQ Nordic announced the game would be free to play with the exception of PS4 and Xbox One, where it is now priced at two cents 

What is the reason the game is priced at two cents to play on PS4 and is completely free for other systems, we do not know. Publisher THQ Nordic doesn't provide any reasons 

For this reason and other we can safely conclude that it has related to PlayStation rules and certainly not an outcome of THQ's Nordic decision