On 2nd Thought: Home Stretch, Polish and Perfect

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

It's time to move on towards the most important month in the NFL regular season as it appears that the Dallas Cowboys have put themselves in a great opportunity to compete for a top spot for the NFC 

It's due to the fact that they're four-for-4 since returning Dak Prescott, and the team is 2-1 in November (yes it's at least 3-0)  

So let's examine the way they've made use of Thanksgiving Day to keep their needle pointing north.

the Verdikt -It might not be able to carry the same level of glamour as the thrilling win against Minnesota's Vikings in Minnesota However 

the way that the Cowboys were able to accomplish in handling matters against Giants during Thanksgiving was a little more significant as the battle for the division title at the NFC East continues to rage on 

With their win over the Giants in the game, the Cowboys have sole possession of the number 

2 positions in the division, and are just a few feet away from the Eagles and set up for a possible Christmas Eve match that could cause the possibility of shock waves.