Ohio State Fans Furious With Todd McShay Today

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Author - joshai

Ohio State football fans are not happy about ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay following his comments about wide receiver Jaxson Smith-Njigba. 

In the last month, the top wideout revealed that he would not take part in the bowl match of his team 

The reason for his decision was an injury he suffered throughout the season. 

However McShay's NFL sources have informed Smith-Njigba that he's healthy enough to participate - he's only not playing in the bowl game to preserve his draft position. 

McShay then issued a firm warning to Smith-Njigba as well as other NFL potential players 

"I've given you the latest news for all the prospects who are interested: NFL Teams know about it," McShay said 

"They are aware of what you had on your lunch break last Thursday. They'll know if you're fit or not, and when you're fit enough to be on the field with your team in the field and participating."