Nikita Dragun arrested, charged with felony battery on a police officer

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Nikita Dragun was arrested Monday night after she was found wandering around a luxurious Miami hotel swimming pool naked.

TMZ said that the Youtuberwho's real name was Nikita Nguyen been seen wandering around the pool in her bathing suit, and was disruptive for several many hours. 

The hotel staff told me that when they requested her dress, she purposely splashed water over them. That's when the police were summoned 

Police were called in after Nikita Dragon caused trouble for several hours in a Hotel in Miami 

When the police arrived the woman, 26, had gone to her hotel room, where she was playing music to the max. 

To try to bring them under her control, the police and hotel security guards knocked at her door a number of times before she finally acknowledged them 

However, when they informed her that she was required to adhere to the hotel's regulations, she allegedly kicked the door.