NFLer Domata Peko’s father-in-law owns store where $2B Powerball ticket was sold

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Author - joshai

A California proprietor of a convenience shop who garnered $1 million when he sold the winning ticket to the historical $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot is not planning to retire 

Joe Chahayed, the father of five immigrated from Syria to the US via Syria together with his partner and the first two children in the 

80s He was smiling on Tuesday afternoon as people were gathered around Joe's Mobil station on Woodbury Road in Altadena 

"I'm 75, still young. I'll arrive tomorrow at 6 o'clock. I'm a fan of working here," said Chahayed, who was wearing the California 

Lottery cap and matching T-shirt with the words, "Millionaire Made Here," the LA Times published 

Who is the ticket holder who was able to match the six numbers 10 33, 41 47, and 56 

as well as the Powerball of 10 The identity of the ticket holder has not been revealed yet