Neymar Has Honest Comment About Future With Brazil After Crushing Lo

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Author - joshai

Brazilian star of the national team Neymar achieved a milestone today in tying Pele's legendary goal record for Brazil. 

But since that goal came with a crushing defeat to Croatia It appears Neymar may not be interested in breaking the record. 

After the penalty shootout loss, Neymar admitted that he does not know if there is an opportunity to play for the team 

Neymar said he wasn't in a good frame of mind to take an official decision, but could not give any assurances either way.

"Honestly I do not know. I believe that talking right now is a bad idea due to the excitement at the time. Maybe I'm not thinking in the right way," Neymar said, via ESPN.  

"To declare it's the last straw is to rush me and I can't promise anything either. Let's look forward. I'm going to take this time to reflect and think about what I would like for myself. 

I won't shut the door to play with Brazil and I will not claim that I will return." Neymar's goal occurred in the 106th minute the game today. It was believed to be the one to bring Brazil into the World Cup semifinals.