New York Powerball Sales Revisited: Generate $86 Million for School

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

New York Powerball sales for $2.04 billion may seem distant and distant, with the winner of the jackpot declared just 2,500 miles away from Clymer (NY). 

The sales of that lottery jackpot generated $86 million in school funding and $15 million for certain retailers.

In a Monday press release, the New York State Gaming Commission stated this. 

The Powerball jackpot increased from Aug. 6 through Nov. 7. Americans in 48 US states purchased a lot of $2 tickets. The commission estimates that New Yorkers spent $244.5 Million on them 

The announcement states that this is where the additional $100 million for schools, retailers, and other institutions comes from. 

Commission Chairman Brian O'Dwyer opines: The numbers speak for them: The New York Lottery is fun and entertaining for millions of responsible New Yorker

It also regularly smashes revenue records for public schools across the state and supports small businesses throughout the state.