Mugshot shows Colorado Springs suspect Anderson Aldrich with face and neck wound

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

On Wednesday, police released photos of Anderson Lee Aldrich's booking. He is charged with fatally shooting five people as well as wounding many others at a Colorado Springs LGTBQ+ nightclub 

Aldrich is nonbinary and the photos show him with many visible wounds to his neck and face. 

Clubgoers claim that multiple members of Club Q took on the 22-year old and were able to take away the AR-style rifle.

CNN reported Richard Fierro, an ex-major in the US Army, that beat the shooter unconscious and wrestled him to the ground.

Fierro stated that he saw the shooter wearing a flak vest with a handle and ran across the room to grab it. He then pulled it to the ground 

Fierro was assisted by another person who helped Aldrich fall to the ground. He told them to move the AR-15 rifle aside 

"I took his pistol and started hitting him everywhere I could. But the armor was getting in my way," stated Mr Fierro.