Michael Keaton's Role In The Flash Gets Disappointing Update?

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Just when it seemed that DC was finally getting its act together in the cinematic universe, a report suggests that the much-anticipated return of Michael Keaton (Batman ) may have been canceled 

Bounding Into Comics examines a report by Syl Abdul which states that Keaton will play a significant role in the upcoming Flash movie. has been significantly reduced 

It appears that Keaton could be leaving the role entirely, even though Warner Bros. had indicated they were ready to make him the main Batman in the DCEU.

The DCEU's position is uncertain because of the departure of Walter Hamada (head of DC Films), James Gunn, and Peter Safran (in charge of the Warner Bros. merger) with Discovery. 

Gunn seems to have moved forward with Henry Cavill, and Ben Affleck as Superman and Batman respectively 

which would leave Keaton looking in from the outside, even though the multiverse is part of the plot of The Flash

Abdul claims that Michael Keaton's prominence is changing due to changes to Flash. "I assumed Keaton was still there