Mega Millions results for 11/22/22; jackpot worth $259 million

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

A person from Michigan was one step away from winning the biggest prize however it was not the case with the prize of $259 million Mega Millions jackpot for the drawing on the 22nd of November. 22. 

The drawing is scheduled for the 25th of November on a Friday. 25 will have a value of $284 million, with a cash option of $144.8 million. 

The Mega Millions numbers for Nov. 22: 13-23-24-25-43 It's the Gold Mega Ball: 2. The Megaplier 3

Although there was no winner of the grand prize one person matched the five white balls in the drawing to take home $1,000,000 from the draw. This ticket was purchased in Florida. 

However, if that person didn't take advantage of Megaplier it would increase their winnings up to $3 million 

In Michigan one ticket sold that matched four white balls as well as four white balls and the Mega Ball while also playing the Megaplier game to take home $30,000 from the drawing. It was the most prize by a state. 

The number of tickets sold was 339,276 and that were sold which won at most $4 in the draw. In Michigan 12,224 tickets sold had at least $4 winning in the drawing.