Mailbag: Time to Answer Bill Parcells' Question?

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Author - joshai

When asked about the way his team was performing, Bill Parcells is famously recognized for his insistence on "Ask for me following Thanksgiving." 

We're here. Are you happy? Do we have the chance to be able to make an effort to make a playoff? Kaleb Adams/Dallas TX 

Nick, It seems like last year's experience should be a good indicator of what we need to know about how the regular-season functions with the playoffs 

The Cowboys enjoyed a great regular season but came to a game that didn't go as planned in the playoffs, and they were defeated - and the season ended the same way 

Could that happen again this year? It's possible looks like they'll need to win three consecutive road games in order to qualify for their way to Super Bowl 

The Cowboys haven't played three home games on the road in the past 40 years. This team is better than the previous year and is likely to be the number 

two teams within the NFC The fact that they're still in pursuit of the Eagles is likely to increase the odds than it was last year