Look: Olivia Dunne Is Ready For The Gymnastics Season

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

It's a long way to go. LSU gymnastics season isn't set to begin until the end of this month, but gymnast Olivia Dunne has her gear ready to go. 

She along with the other LSU gymnasts is getting ready for an event that will be held in less than an entire week. 

On Thursday evening, Dunne posted a photo of herself in the gymnasium. 

In a glam LSU dress, Dunne got ready to train on the balance beam. The second picture showed her wrapped in wrists and ready for the competition. 

It wasn't long before the photo made waves on Facebook and other social platforms 

Even though the image is only online for a couple of minutes it has already accumulated nearly 50k likes.

Of course, that's not the case when she has over 2.4 million users on the platform, maybe that's not as impressive.