Look: NFL World Furious With Jalen Hurts Penalty Call

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

The NFL has made this pretty evident over time. If you strike the quarterback with the upper area of his body - or in the present, the lower portion in his lower body you'll probably be punished. 

The Titans are experiencing this in a very difficult method on Sunday. 

The afternoon of Sunday was a bit chilly, Tennessee was hit with an unpopular roughing penalty against Hurts. 

Titans fans are quite angry. "The ref who just called a personal foul on that Titans hit on Jalen Hurts should be fired and never allowed to work in the league again," one fan wrote.

"So it's not legal to strike Jalen Hurts Are they the new NFL golden boy? ????" One fan added.

"I guess you can't hit Jalen Hurts." Mike Keith, You are 100% correct." Another fan said.

As you may think, however, these strikes will always cause penalties.