Look: Football World Reacts To Mike Leach Controversy

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Author - joshai

There is a controversy developing between Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach and one of his departing players. 

Most college football announcements about transfers are similar. The announcement of Dillon Johnson was quite different this evening. 

The departing Mississippi State running back took an open attack on his previous head coach. 

"With that said that I'm not really robust as well (head Coach Mike) Leach is glad that I'm going to leave, I'll enter my name in this portal to transfer." 

Johnson has been a runner for 1,198 yards as well as 11 rushing touchdowns in the time he played at Mississippi State, adding 149 receptions for 864 yards as well as 1 touchdown via the air. 

The world of football is shocked by the controversy on social media developing among Leach as well as his ex-colleague. 

"Damn people here calling the coach out," one fan wrote. "That's an end-of-the-world speech," another fan added.