longtime assistant likely to join matt rhule in nebraska

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Author - joshai

Matt Rhule reportedly won't come to Nebraska on his own. According to Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports the coaching staff is set to bring in the long-time coach Ed Foley. 

The 55-year-old has been a part of Rhule in the past at Temple, Baylor, and the Carolina Panthers. 

Foley worked at six different schools as Fordham's head coach before joining Temple in 2008. 

He was Rhule's assistant coach from 2013 until 2016 and then the temporary head coach of the Military Bowl after Rhule accepted Baylor's offer to be a head coach 

Foley continued to work with Temple to play two additional seasons, before joining Rhule's Baylor team for an analyst position in the year 2019 

Foley then joined Rhule on to Rhule's NFL to become Carolina's associate special team coach. The Panthers fired Foley after they fired Rhule following a 1-4-start.

It's unclear what position Foley will play for the Cornhuskers who have signed Rhule for an 8-year, $74-million contract after he went 4-8 in the season.