Lionel Messi Explains Viral Video Of Him Yelling At Referee

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

Following Argentina's thrilling victory against the Netherlands on Friday, Lionel Messi had an fascinating post-match interview. 

Messi was clearly furious at a person who passed him. He even told the person that he would "carry forward." 

The truth is that Messi was talking about Spanish Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz. "I would not like to talk about the referee since you cannot be truthful," Messi said via ESPN.

"If you speak, FIFA will can sanction you. FIFA should consider the issue, and they shouldn't use an official who's not competent for the circumstances." 

Messi was not the sole one in Argentina's squad to be dissatisfied with the officials on Friday night.

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez described the official to be "useless." We're not making fun of him. 

"He granted free kicks outside of the box to the two at least three times," Martinez said. "He just wanted their score, that's it and we'll hopefully not ever have him as a ref. He's useless."