LeBron James Reveals If He Thinks He's 'Woke'

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

The term "woke" is now a generic term that is used to denigrate almost everything that people dislike nowadays. 

However, it's often used to mock LeBron James as well. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is responding to the usage of the term against him. 

In his appearance on Uninterrupted for the Wednesday Night Football game, LeBron proudly announced that 

he is "woke" in the sense of making others accountable just in the same way he's held to account by the media. 

LeBron utilized the recent example in which Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was not being investigated or held accountable for appearing in a picture of a demonstration against desegregation during the 50s.

"The media is always quick to make us athletes - particularly Black athletes - to account. We aren't able to make mistakes.  

We cannot do this. They're trying to cover all kinds of things. I'd like to hold them responsible... I'm simply keeping them accountable and let them know that I am watching (them)