John Harbaugh Reacts To Lamar Jackson Controversy

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was in hot water after his unintentional tweet clap back at the fan on Sunday. 

Although Jackson did eventually delete the tweet the damage was already caused. Ravens director of football Jim Harbaugh addressed his star's twitter-related mishap this morning 

"[Werequest players not to enter the Twitter world immediately following games, especially after losing. It's not going to be good," Harbaugh said, via Sara Ellison 

"It's not going to be a good place to be in and I believe that's evident in his response to Lamar since what Harbaugh said was so off-base. 

"That's not how the man speaks and it's not the way he speaks. It's not the language he employs. I've never heard him speak something like that before. 

He's desperate to be successful. I'm sure he's angry as we are. It's just something you shouldn't be following a game." 

Even with Jackson's apparent error, Harbaugh still defended his teammate's personality.