jeff saturday confesses one regret after loss on monday night

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Author - joshai

Colts Head Coach Jeff Saturday received a lot of criticism over the way he played in the final minutes of the game on Monday night in the Steelers' game. Steelers. 

Instead of a timeout during an important third down from the Steelers at the 26-yard line, Saturday gave a couple of seconds to go from the timer 

The Colts failed to shift the chains to keep the game going. At Monday's postgame press conference Saturday also defended his game plan.

"I believed we made an excellent game," Saturday said, via ESPN. "And I was sure that we'd be able to be successful. 

We obviously didn't perform well [blocking] on the backside, and it's more of a problem. However, I was happy about the call prior 

It felt like we had enough time. We would also be able to take timeouts later. We were in striking distance 

Therefore, I have never felt the pressure of having to call a timeout." It didn't take too long for Saturday to switch his song.