Here's Why Walmart Could Trounce Amazon This Holiday Season

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Author - joshai

There's no rivalry more fierce in the retail industry as Amazon (AMZN 3.94 percent) or Walmart (WMT -0.59 percent)

These are the two largest firms by revenue across the nation and both are in the process of achieving $500 billion in revenues this year 

Many investors know that Amazon has been growing its market share over Walmart for many years as well as being the better 

option to invest in for the past decade. However, that may be changing. In its most recent forecast

the online retailer forecasted revenue to be between 2% and eight percent during the quarter's fourth, which is unusually slow for growth stocks 

After adjusting for currency headwinds the company anticipates a 6.6 percent to 12.6 percent 

increase in revenue however, it is an impressive slowdown from the growth of 15% it reported in the previous quarter. The share price fell following the announcement