Green Bay Packers-Philadelphia Eagles | Will Nick Sirianni lead team to their 10th win Sunday?

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Author - joshai

Eagles Head Coach Nick Siriannihad an extremely emotionally charged weekend at Indianapolis on Sunday. 

Sirianni was the offensive coordinator for the Colts for three seasons. He returned to the Lucas Oil Stadium sidelines, trying to make a win and getting revenge on the Colts who dismissed his coach Frank Reich. 

The Eagles were victorious with the 17-16 victory The Eagles won 17-16, and Sirianni did what he set out to achieve by screaming at the crowd, "That s*** was for Frank Reich." 

Sirianni spoke about how emotional the victory was for him as well as the reason he made that statement to the fans who were there 

"I was brought to tears too when I was coming off the field there," Sirianni told reporters 

"I've always kind of been emotional...Yelling to our fans after the game, whether I'm yelling to them after an Indy game or thanking them after the Houston game or the Arizona game, 

I just think that's something that the people that went to the game and who are Eagles fans that are traveling to the game, I can show my appreciation to them on that.