Grade Report: UGA Defense Continues to Stack Performance

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

The defensive grade is in from Georgia's victory against Kentucky.

Georgia was able to prevail in the road game against Kentucky with an average of 16-6.  

The defense was on the case time for Georgia and, following yesterday's game they're allowing only eleven points per contest in the current season 

The Bulldogs were shut out throughout the fourth quarter before Kentucky finally made it to the finals after gaining some luck through the air 

Other than that one point it was a similar shutdown kind of game from the defense. They have been putting up each time with a great performance throughout the entire season. 

Following Georgia's victory over Kentucky Here's how Georgia's defense performed: Kentucky averaged 3.6 yards of ground on 25 occasions for an average of 89 yards.

26 of those yards were credited to the quarterback Will Levis. The Bulldogs have been able to allow the average of 83 running yards per game, which is third in the country.