Georgia football: These 3 Dawgs are indispensable down the stretch

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

In the 2022 campaign, Georgia has experienced mostly highs, but also a few lows, too 

They have mostly come from injuries that have at times, kept the Bulldogs in their quest to be as full of a team as it could have been 

The absence of receiver AD Mitchell has had a direct effect on Georgia's passing game however, Ladd McConkey Kearis Jackson 

as well as Darnell Washington have all compensated for his absence over the last few weeks. 

Linebacker Nolan Smith was lost for this season before the Bulldogs played Tennessee in the final game of the season 

which was an unwelcome blow to a pass-rush-deficient defense as they prepare to play in which they play one of the country's most efficient offensive teams. 

There have been others. However, none has been capable of halting Georgia's season.