Georgia football: The 1 thing that could derail Dawgs' hopes of a repeat ... is the Dawg

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

The dust is starting to settle over the football field at the college. The teams that are in the running have been able to separate their teams 

from those who are pretenders and an understanding of the teams that could be a contender for the national championship is beginning to emerge 

As Georgia is currently ranked as the No. 1 in the nation and is nearing the perfect routine for the second consecutive year 

the challenge is what competitors could deny it the chance of winning a second national championship.

I think the answer is simple. It's certainly not Ohio State. It's not Michigan also. In relation to TCU, It's not going to take on the Horned Frogs and it's unlikely to be Tennessee in an upcoming match-up. 

If you're willing to overlook the cliché, the one team that is able to prevent Georgia from winning a second title could be ... Georgia 

It's clear. It's clear that the Dawgs are the top team in college football in 2022. The offense is able to hum with the best teams of the nation