Georgia football looking to create more turnovers on defense

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Although it's true that the Georgia defense has been able to keep opponents to a minimum this fall but one area that it's been lacking in is the ability to create mistakes 

This isn't because of a lack of effort, but the Bulldogs are hoping this to change going forward. 

Georgia has produced just 11 takeaways in the current season, which puts them tied with 102nd in the nation and is third-to-last within the SEC 

Georgia's Bulldogs have made just four turnovers since September. 24 

This is a major reason they've only won the battle for turnovers during one game in this time. 

According to Georgia the head coach Kirby Smart stated on Tuesday Kirby Smart, the Bulldogs have put a lot of focus on getting the ball to their opponents 

"We have discussions about it frequently. We try to mix up exercises. We play NFL footage of turnovers. we also show every SEC turn," Smart said