Georgia Bulldog Kenny McIntosh Enjoys Playing On The Road

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Athens - With Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs training to play Kentucky this weekend runners Kenny McIntosh, Georgia's 2nd most prolific rusher 

at 425 yards talked to the media about playing in the field and in the cold temperatures this week. 

When playing on the go instead of being at home... "It is just another opportunity to get out there to show off our skills and take on the opposition."

In adjusting to the noise from the crowd on the road... "That's another thing to consider... adjustments are required.

It is possible that we start out in one form and then switch to another. It's all you have to do is see what (the opposition team) does. ) 

when they switch from the four-down (front) to three-down (front) You have to be able adapt to the change 

There are coaches who perform this at a high level. They will always discover which player is Nickel and Sam and so on