Football World Reacts To Bobby Petrino Coaching Update

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Author - joshai

Missouri State head coach Bobby Petrino is reportedly one of Jimbo Fisher's offensive coordinator candidates. Texas A&M program, per 247Sports. 

The candidate is expected to be interviewed for the job sometime in the next few days. 

The college football community has taken to Twitter to respond to these reports. "What an awful program.

It's no wonder they were lucky to be in the top ten last year." an audience member wrote. 

"Bobby Petrino has never given me the impression that he'd do well working under somebody else. It seems like the whole'my route or highway' approach is the reason he became successful. 

Jimbo telling Bobby which number to dial and when to run could be hilarious to see," another added. 

"If A&M were to actually employ Bobby Petrino as OC it is a disaster for an A&M football fan, and I'm totally against Jimbo," another said.