Football World Impressed With Baker Mayfield's Performance Tonight

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

Baker Mayfield is already playing for the Los Angeles Rams even though he was signed by them only two days just two days. 

Typically, players need at least a week to become accustomed to his new team . But don't mention that to Mayfield.  

The player has shown great speed since coming to the team as he's completed three of four passes for 65 yards.

Even the football world is really pleased with what they've observed of the previous top-of-the-line selection. 

"Wow I'm trusting Baker Mayfield with one day of practice as a QB and coach this team more than I do Cam Akers who has been a Ram since the year 2020." another tweet read. 

"Is the possibility to be a Comeback Player of the Year during the same year that you lost your balance on a high cliff? Looking for Baker Mayfield," another tweet said. 

Mayfield must elevate his game to a more impressive level if the Rams want to beat the Rams in this game.