Eatman: This Was Cowboys' Best Win Of The Week

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

A few days ago the Cowboys headed to Minnesota to play the most popular football team of the NFL and they were humiliated in a manner they've not done to any team playing on the field. 

The blowout victory of 40-3 sent an indication to the remainder of the NFL of exactly what the Cowboys can do. 

And what transpired two days later? They clawed and scratched and battled past an opponent from the division who has been struggling recently and has been afflicted with a number of illnesses and injuries 

It's possible that the 28-20 victory won't seem as impressive as the 37-point defeat ... Okay but let's get it out of the way, it was not at all. 

However, I'm going to declare this, and I really swear by it. It's not just a festive Happy Thanksgiving, everyone-have-a-turkey-leg type of statement 

This victory was a better victory to the Cowboys than the one they had last Sunday in Minnesota. 

Yes, I believe it. It's not for the fanatics and definitely not for the betting enthusiasts (ouch on the backdoor cover) But for the huge image