Here's Why Walmart Could Trounce Amazon This Holiday Season

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Dallas Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz has pointed out the team's selfless spirit as the reason behind changing the game's script at halftime with the New York Giants. ... as well perhaps to make a run in the NFC East. 

The Dallas Cowboys were in a gap at halftime in their game against the New York Giants on Thanksgiving but were able to win 28-20 which saw them move up by 8-3. 

"A majority of players are sharing the same goal",'' said tight end Dalton Schultz, as Dallas overcome a 13-7 gap at intermission due to high-cost penalty calls and sloppy offensive performance 

"The execution in the second quarter was at the top of its game and that's what football is all about." 

The 8-3 record is quite amazing. However, it's not enough for the NFC East, where the Philadelphia Eagles win over Green Bay on Sunday keeps them on top at 10-1. 

The Cowboys may be able to avenge an early season defeat at Philly by rematching the game on December 24 in AT&T Stadium. If they win  

What's the most important factor? Perhaps that previously mentioned "selflessness."