Didn't win Powerball's $2 billion jackpot? You may still be one of the 22 people who won $1 million

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Author - joshai

The biggest lottery prize in the history of the game was awarded to a lucky winner this week. There are rumors that 22 people might have million-dollar winning tickets to play with. 

The person from California who purchased the jackpot winning ticket was able to match all five numbers as well as the Powerball numbers to be awarded the $2.04 billion winnings. 

However, if they match five numbers will result in a prize of $1 million -and 22 people in 16 states could have the winning ticket, as per Powerball. 

The million-dollar winners will be subject to the high taxes that will eat away at lottery winnings 

The federally-mandated 24% tax rate will bring the $1 million prize down to $760,000 according to the Powerball Tax Calculator 

Local taxes on income and prizes could lower that figure, even more, based on the location in which they reside. 

Whatever the final amount the winners should be able to be sure to plan what they intend to do with the cash.