Dallas will waive Facundo Campazzo to make room for Kemba Walker

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Author - joshai

Brad Townsend: I'm informed that the Mavs have Kemba Walker to consider as a backup option for at most several weeks 

It's interesting to us that in DFW it's not a huge leap from the way the Cowboys have been monitoring the addition of similarly knee-adverse Odell Beckham Jr. He could be signed this week. via twitter @townbrad 28 November 2022 

Brad Townsend: Mark Cuban to me regarding the adding Kemba Walker "We were looking to bring the flexibility of our offensive. Like last year at the moment 

we have fantastic shot quality, especially from the three, but we've struggled to create enough of these 

Kemba will allow J-Kidd to have greater offensive versatility." via Twitter @townbrad on November 28, 2022 

Mavericks must create an opening on the roster to take on Walker and this could likely be accomplished by releasing Facundo Campazzo 

The Argentinean guard who was a part of Mavericks player Luka Doncic in Real Madrid in Spain is only used sparingly during 7 games