Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings best bets, odds for Week 11 matchup

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Author - joshai

The Dallas Cowboys are in major need of a bounce-back victory. In order to achieve that they'll need to convince the doubters and prove that they are able to fight against formidable foes. 

In contrast to playing the Lions following the Eagle's defeat to cushion the loss, however, the Cowboys must now take against an eight-to-1 Minnesota team on eight games of winning. 

Much to the delight of many, Dallas remains one of the favorites by oddsmakers' standards all week. Do they think Minnesota will suffer an unlucky loss similar to the one the Eagles suffered on Monday?  

Do they focus on the fact that the Cowboys have defeated Minnesota in their two previous matches on the field in Minneapolis having two quarterbacks as backups? 

We're not certain. However, what can be said is Sunday is going to be a huge "prove yourself" game for the Cowboys 

If the American Team is unable to overcome a 14-point deficit and is unable to match an elite playoff contender in the next week, the fans will begin to become loud. 

This is a great test of the temperature to determine if Dallas will be able to be competitive and get a shot at the postseason