Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Thanksgiving game sets NFL viewership record

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

The Dallas Cowboys' 28-20 Thanksgiving victory against the New York Giants drew 42 million viewers to Fox Sports 

making it the most-watched National Football League (NFL) regular season game on a US network in history 

The figure, which includes viewers who stream, surpasses the previous record of 41.6 million viewers to watch the match in 1990 against the Giants and 49ers. Giants as well as the San Francisco 49ers. 

The Fox audience grew by 49 percent from the game played last year on Thanksgiving in which both the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions attracted 28.25 million viewers. 

The Cowboys have also benefited from an increase of three percent in audience increase over last year's Thanksgiving game

which the team faced against the Las Vegas Raiders, which Fox reported attracted 40.8 million people. 

In all the NFL produced a total audience of 138 million people across its three Thanksgiving games exceeding the previous record of 126 million, which was set in the year 2016