Cowboys Catch-Up: Fix The Run-D, Slow The Skol

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Author - joshai

The Cowboys were in Week 11 fresh from a deflating defeat in overtime to Packers in Week 10. Packers at the end of Week 10. there were plenty of things to consider. 

From analyzing the loss and what went wrong for the Cowboys and the ways they can improve their performance as they prepare for the scorching hot Vikings team There was a lot to re-read. 

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Monday: Head Coach Mike McCarthy addressed the media on Monday after the Cowboy's defeat to the Packers and specifically addressed the team'

weaknesses in their run defense after they allowed more than 200 rushing yards in two consecutive games. 

Although the Cowboys have had a pass rush that is a positive aspect, McCarthy characterized it as the team's "privilege" in the event that defensive issues continue to plague the run