Coordinators: Toughness, Cohesion & Brotherhood

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Since Thanksgiving is over and the Cowboys playing 3 games over 12 days gone by, the focus is on the six games remaining in the program. 

Before the game, the coaches took to the stage on Monday to review the victory against the Giants prior to looking ahead. 

Coordinator of the defensive line Dan Quinn praised his players for their determination to get through the Cowboys victory against The Giants this Thursday 

While some players were battling over a bug that was swirling around the locker room or fighting it, as well as the shorter playing time, Quinn walked away impressed with their effort 

It brought back to me how much I admire their determination," Quinn said. " 

To overcome it all when you're dealing with several guys who are sick and doing what you can to help and leaving it to the wind. That's brotherhood 

In their last match in Week 3 of the season, the Cowboys suffered nine missed tackles in their match against the Giants in a match that Quinn said in the moment needed to be taken care of