Commentary: Breaking down the final six games, can the Dallas Cowboys win out?

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Author - joshai

The fact that team members of the Dallas Cowboys were discussing end zone celebrations prior to the 28-20 win on Thursday against their rivals the New York Giants speaks volumes about how well the team is feeling about themselves. 

The whack-amole-themed celebration that lit families across the country ablaze while everyone was simply enjoying the Sweet Potato Pie was allowed to go ahead when the Cowboys were ahead by two scores. 

Imagine that you're going to score two scores against a divisional opponent that has the same 7-3 record that you have and let four comparatively unassuming tight ends prepare the celebration.  

This is enough proof that the Cowboys have been doing well.

Four days after their 40-3 thrashing of Minnesota Vikings, who have the league's second-best record at 9-2 

following a 33-26 Thanksgiving Day victory against the New England Patriots, the Cowboys took on the Giants.

The score was 28-13 during the fourth quarter, when the celebration took place, and the rules were observed.