Japan left its dressing room spotless and made origami cranes for its hosts after beating Germany at the World Cup

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– A Chinese court has handed down a sentence to Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu to 13 years in prison, for charges that include the crime of rape.

In Beijing, the Chaoyang District Court said Wu was sentenced to 11 years and six months for rape in 2020 as well as 1 month and a year for "crime of gathering a crowd to sexual promiscuity" 

during a night in 2018 where he and others were accused of assaulting two women who had been drinking with 

The court ruled that the victims in the rape trial had been drinking and were unable to express their opinions. 

The document stated that a combined 13-year sentence was reached and Wu will be deported right away following the completion of his sentence 

"According to the circumstances ... and the character of the crime, the circumstances and the harmful consequences of the offense 

the court rendered the decision above," the court said in an online announcement.